Summer promotion: 15% discount

Summer promotion: 15% discount

Geplaatst op 19-06-2021 20:00 door Klaas Vaak

Good night,

It's almost (astronomical) summer! To be exact, summer start at June 21, 5:32AM CET. As it happens to be, in summer the nights are at it's shortest. But this doesn't mean that the usable times at UseNight will be different. You will still enjoy full speeds between 00:00 and 11:00 AM CET, summer or winter, that doesn't matter :-).

Want to know when you can enjoy your full speeds? Use our Nightfinder to find out!

We love summer and like to celebrate summer with all of you, so get your Nighty now with a nice 15% discount!

30 days 180 days 365 days
NIGHTY €1,69 (€1,99) €9,31 (€10,95) €16,96 (€19,95)

Order as much as you like. Stack as many nights as you want

This promotion runs from June 19, 2021 20:00 CET until June 26, 2021 20:00 CET.

You can find your discount in your Control Panel. Click on the Discount tab and redeem your discount. Get your 15% off now!

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Nighty night all!