🎄 Holidays promotion: 25% discount 🎁

🎄 Holidays promotion: 25% discount 🎁

Geplaatst op 21-12-2022 14:00 door Klaas Vaak

Good night,

The first time we're doing a holiday promotion. And we're doing it good. We giving a 25% discount!. A simple calculation tells us that an annual account only costs 4 cents a day. Oh deer! So be there, give yourself the time to purchase your NIGHTY during the day and be on Usenet during the night (ordering during the night is also allowed)!

30 days 180 days 365 days
NIGHTY €1,49 (€1,99) €8,21 (€10,95) €14,96 (€19,95)

A Nighty 25% discount as of right now until Tuesday 3rd of January 2023 (14:00 CET). Order as much as you like. Stack as many nights as you want

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Nighty night all!

Klaas Vaak

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