How does my UseNight account work?

UseNight is here to deliver you High-Speed Usenet access in CET (Central European Time) night. Meaning from: 00:00 till 11:00 (CET) you can enjoy full speed Usenet access. After these hours the speed will be limited. We do this to deliver you full Usenet access for the lowest price possible.

Which speeds do I get at which time?

From: 00:00 till 11:00 (CET) you will get unlimited speed. From 11:00 till 00:00 (CET) we cap the speed to 1mbit/s.

How do I know when 00:00 till 11:00 (CET) my time is?

Of course timezones are different around the globe. We thought of that and made the Night Finder. Use the Night Finder to find out what your timezone specific timeframe is.

Do you offer all day High-Speed Usenet?

No we don't. We choose to do it the way we do now. We think there are a lot of all day full speed Usenet providers out there.

Which retention does UseNight offer?

As we speak we offer over 3230 days of binary retention. Growing each day!

Usenet general

What is Usenet?

Usenet is a platform that was created for the exchange of text messages between different computers. Today it is still used for the exchange of all kinds of information.

What is the origin of Usenet?

Usenet was developed in 1979 at Duke University in North Carolina. Initially data was exchanged via the UUCP protocol. Later, the NNTP protocol was developed to share this information on the internet. Nowadays almost all Usenet traffic still takes place via the NNTP protocol.

What does UseNight do for me?

UseNight gives you access to the various information included in the Usenet newsgroups. With a subscription at UseNight you can add information to the various newsgroups and gain access to the various information on the Usenet newsgroups.

What is meant by retention?

Retention is the number of days we archived from the newsgroups. This indicates how old a file may be before it becomes inaccessible.

What is an NZB file?

An NZB file is an XML structured file format to retrieve Usenet messages from the Usenet newsgroups. A file on the Usenet newsgroups has a so-called Message-ID, a large file usually consists of several of these Message-IDs. A Usenet client that is capable of reading NZB files collects all these Message-IDs, downloads them and decodes them back to one readable file.

What is an PAR2 file?

A PAR2 file ensures that you can restore a damaged or incorrectly downloaded file. This means that you do not have to download all of the damaged files again.

Which Usenet client do you recommend?

We recommend SABnzbd. This client is free and easy to use, but does have enough options for the slightly more advanced user. SABnzbd has the option to schedule your Usenet traffic, perfect for a subscription with UseNight and they offer a Night/Dark-mode, yeey!


What is SSL?

SSL also called Secure Sockets Layer. SSL is an encryption protocol that ensures that the communication between two computers is encrypted. SSL ensures that the communication between two computers is secured.

What reader do I need to use?

The address to use is

In the Control Panel we made an easy to use Usenet Reader configurator.

What ports do I need to use SSL?

At UseNight we accept the use of these ports:

  • 563, 443 (SSL, recommended)
  • 80, 119

For more info about your account go to the Control Panel.

Do you share my data with other parties?

No! Personally, we do not like our data to be given or sold to third parties, so we will never do this with your information.

However, according to the law, we must share your information with lawyers or official investigators if the Dutch court orders us to do so.

What do you do with my data?

We store your data in order to provide you with the best possible service. But your data will always stay within our company! Promised.

Why are cookies stored on my computer?

Cookies contain information about your website visite. They start tracking as soon as you visit our website, to make your next experience as easy as possible. Cookies contain general information, not personal information.


When will my account become active after payment?

In normal circumstances your account is already active 5 minutes after the payment has been received. However, it is possible that a delay occurs with our payment providers. Did you still not receive a payment confirmation after 1 hour? Contact our support team using your Control Panel.

Are my credit card details stored with you?

No. We will never store your credit card details. We don’t need this information, only you do.

What payment methods do you have?

UseNight allows you to make payments using a couple of different methods:

Is it possible to set an automatic payment?

We choose not to. Your subscription expires when your subscription days have passed. By doing this, you can choose for yourself when to extend your subscription. Extending your subscription is easily done using your Control Panel.


What is the Control Panel?

The Control Panel is like your personal cockpit. In other words, your Control Panel is where you need to be to arrange everything related to your account, such as:

  • Changing your personal details
  • Connecting and disconnecting to different social networks
  • Opening or viewing a support ticket
  • Viewing your subscription details
  • Requesting all your invoices

And there is much more to see and do, check your Control Panel now.

Can I change my email address?

Yes, you can do this in your Control Panel.

Do I have to cancel my subscription?

No, your subscription ends automatically when your days have passed. You choose the moment to extend it yourself.

Will my account be deleted after my subscription is expired?

No, your account will always remain active. If your subscription has expired, you can extend it in the Control Panel whenever you want.

Is it possible to pause my subscription?

You cannot pause or freeze your subscription. However, if your subscription is ended, it will not automatically renew. You can extend it at any time.

When will I receive my login data after I sign up?

We have an automated system, which ensures that you usually have the login data in your mailbox within 5 minutes after the completion of your account. However, it is possible that your spam filter blocks our mails. So if it takes a while, check your spambox.

Reader Errors

Socket error 100xx

This is a Windows-generated error message and in most cases related to your network. The error message can be related to you firewall or antivirus settings. You can try another port to connect to our servers. Look for the different ports in your Control Panel.

Error 400 – Too many connections

You are using too many connections to our servers. Check how many connections you can use in your Control Panel. You're Control Panel is also the place to see the "Live connection manager". View or kill your active connections there.

Error 480 – Authentication required

To use our servers you must enter your UseNight account details. You can find your account details in the mail you received from us or in your Control Panel. You can test your login information in the Control Panel using the 'Test login information' button.

Error 482 – Authentication rejected

The combination of username and password is incorrect. You can find the right ones in the mail you received from us or in your Control Panel. You can test your login information in the Control Panel using the 'Test login information' button.

Error 502 – Maximum connections exceeded

You are using too many connections to our servers. Check how many connections you can use in your Control Panel. You're Control Panel is also the place to see the "Live connection manager". View or kill your active connections there.

Error 502 – Account suspended – Wrong username/password

This error message can have several causes.

  • Your subscription has expired.
  • You’re using the wrong username and/or password to connect.
  • You’re using too many connections to our servers.

Check this data in your Control Panel and test your login information using the 'Test login information' button, if your Control Panel cannot fix the problem. Then shoot us a ticket through your Control Panel and we’ll help out.

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